Graphite Dynamics develops advanced firearms components. We design, develop and manufacture weapon components for a number of US firearms manufacturers and clients, and we also develop and market our own custom line of Graphite Dynamics weapons parts.

We actually design and manufacture all of the the products that you see on this website. If we ever resell other company's products, they will appear on a separate product page.

We work with the highest technology materials and processes to develop the next generation of weapons parts for our customers. 

We share upcoming products with customers before they are ready for prime time so that you, our customers, can chime in and tell us what you like, dislike, or just express interest in the product. Note that the more interest a new product gets, the more focus we place on getting it ready for production faster.

Please contact us for status on any items you are interested in. Also note that as a small, growing US gun company, it'll take us some time to get products (both current and new) in stock and ready for customers.



Anyone who has ever worked on their Glock pistol hates dealing with swapping striker springs.

Those damn small spring cups are a bitch to handle, and usually fly off the striker, allowing your striker spring to fly across the room and under the couch.

The Graphite Dynamics solution - the SLIK spring cup.

Notice that it is a one-piece design (US and foreign patents in place) exclusive to Graphite Dynamics. You can actually mount this spring cup with one hand! Made of red Nylon for toughness and visibility. The three-leg offset creates minimal contact between the spring cup and the channel liner to reduce friction to near zero.

Compatible with all Glock strikers.

We will begin stocking the SLIK spring cup on EBay starting in late June 2019…




The stock Glock channel liner is basically a plastic tube. It does the task of lining the inside of the striker channel, preventing wear and reducing friction.

But it wears out eventually, and needs replacement.

Friction, ANY friction, affects the strikers ability to ignite the primer, turning the bullet into a projectile. Friction can cause light strikes which prevent the gun from going boom.

The GD Channel Liner is also a tube, but made from a thermoset polymer. This material is very high temp (over 600 deg F), and super slippery. And best of all, it will last twice as long as the standard channel liner.